martedì 10 maggio 2011

Sottosegretaria - La Sora Cesira feat. Beyonce

Celebriamo tutti insieme l'avvento dei nuovi sottosegretari!
Ora finalmente, con l'arrivo di nuovo personale specializzato, riusciremo senza dubbio alcuno
a porre rimedio ai numerosi problemi della nostra splendida penisola.
Evviva! Benvenuti!

SOTTOSEGRETARIA ( Di Sora Cesira - Beyonce )

Undersecretary, Sottosegretaria
we sistemate qua...

me deputate was miracolate but don't guadagnate abbastanz
too much lavorate and without the car of state the parliament is big distanz

a friend said it's strange but if partito you change you have a big ringraziation
you get a poltron with benedizion and anything else to do

In a year to do a mazza euro trecentomil
pays the italian with the tax to pay me botulin

in a year to do a mazza there's autist for me
ke me port to do the massage anticellulite

in a year to do a mazza euro quarantamil
i intasc with panz all'aria just to stay tranquill

in a year to do a mazza euro settantamil
for the autists ke me port outside to do favill

in the minister don't know who i am because proprio i don't go
you ask in that place the form of my face the portier will answer " Boh! "
but once i stopped there, going to parrukkier, i needed to the cacca
i asked a permess but wasn't concess and i had to use the bar